List Hire Prices

I’ve noticed a few searches on our website for hire prices. Generally we don’t publish these prices as overall package prices vary with quantity, hire duration as well as the competitive discount structure we offer our long-term customers.

Below then is are the list prices for individual items in our inventory. All prices are Ex VAT of 21% and are prices for a one day hire.

For best prices, please call or email and ask for a quotation.

Speakers (Includes stands, rigging and cable as required)
Nexo RS15 €55
Nexo S1210/S1230 €55
Nexo PS10 €25
Nexo LS500 €25
SSE MB4 monitor €15
QSC K10 active speaker (2 mic/line input) €50

NXAMP 4x4 €45
NXAMP 4x1 €35
Camco Vortex 4 €25

Digidesign/Avid Venue SC48 €200.00
Yamaha LS9 16 €80.00

Microphones/DI Boxes (all include cable & stand as necessary)
Shure SM58/SM57 €5.00
Shure Beta 58/Beta 57 €7.50
Shure SM81 €10.00
Shure Beta 52 €7.50
Shure Beta 98 €15
AKG 214 €10
Sennheiser e604 €5
Sennheiser e904 €7.50
Sennheiser e906 €7.50
Sennheiser MD241 €10.00
Neumann KM184 €35.00
BSS AR133 Active DI Box €5.00
EMO Passive DI box €2.50

Wireless Microphone Systems
Sennheiser EW100 G3 with handheld or beltpack transmitter €35


Retail Audio Solutions

It’s challenging times for the retail sector as we know. Recently, we’ve been regularly providing a range of compact audio solutions to a major retail chain as they seek to increase shop foot-fall and sales.

By giving informal showcases, workshops and style tips on a frequent basis, Brown Thomas in Galway offer a value-added extra to their customers. Professional make-up artists can display techniques as well as giving product demonstrations. Fashion labels are able to show-off their incoming looks for the season as well as giving tips for garment co-ordination and so on.

From our client’s point of view, the main issues are that the sound system be capable of competing with the background noise of a busy shop-floor and that the system itself be easy to control by management, be neat and be visually aesthetically pleasing amongst the product lines on display.

To this end we supply a single QSC K10 active system, controlled via a ZED10 Allen & Heath compact mixer. The K10 is easily mounted on either instore shelving units or discreetly on a stand and the tiny footprint of the ZED10 is easily tucked away to be sufficiently accessible for staff but away from curious customers. Microphones comprise a selection of handheld wireless mics or beltpacks with headsets, allowing handsfree use where required. All wireless systems are Sennheiser G3 series, which offer quick frequency scanning, tuning and superior battery life.

Systems are easily moved at short notice between departments and are easily operated by shopfloor staff once setup in advance by a technician.

From an initial 4 week hire period earlier this year, the store has decided to double the amount of systems in the store and extend the hire period to 12 weeks for the autumn season. Management cite increased footfall as the easily identifiable benefits of these workshops and product demonstrations. Also, these free seminars offer Brown Thomas a competitive advantage on the high street in attracting sales.

If you would like to know more about a competitively priced commercial audio system, whether permanently or temporarily installed, and how it can benefit your retail operation, please contact us on 091 789848.