PA & Audio Equipment Sales

Many venue owners are now using our real world touring and gig experience for permanently installed PA systems. These range from small bar and restaurant systems with a small live music element to fully integrated, multi-purpose systems for theatres and multi-purpose venues.

If you are interested in background, column, ceiling or architectural speaker systems click here. If you are interested in induction loops (“hearing loops”), click here

Most recently (2012):

  • Sweeney Theatre, Kilkee, Co. Clare: Martin Audio AQ10, Allen & Heath PA20 powered mixer. Patch panels & termination. Tecpro Comms & Show Relay.
  • Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin: Martin Audio DD6/S18/MA2.8Q. Allen & Heath IDR/R72. Digital Audio transport system.

Equipment & Sound System Sales

Having spent hundreds of thousands of Euro on our own rental inventory, we are in great position to advise you on your upcoming sound equipment purchase. In the course of our normal rental business we have experience with almost every digital console on the market and have used many of the sound systems available. We can advise you on flightcasing your equipment and offer a full range of cabling solutions through our cable suppliers. The best thing about buying from us is that you get this experience and advice completely for free.

See how a leading theatre company used our experience in a recent case-study. Read

Retail Audio Solutions

We have a range of small and discrete speaker systems from APart and ADS aimed at the retail sector. These are suitable for background music and paging. Also we offer a range of systems aimed at in-store presentations and seminars. See how it has worked for this major fashion house here

Not just Nexo..

As a Nexo rental house, our preference is always to supply Nexo speakers. However, we appreciate that budgets may not always extend to buying Nexo products. This is why we also offer a range of systems from Electrovoice, Martin-Audio, JBL and others to match all budgets and requirements.

Long-term Rental

If buying a system is not feasible, we also offer long-term rental deals.

Ex-hire Equipment

Due to our policy of continuous upgrading of equipment, we often have deals on ex-rental equipment. Contact us for an updated list of ex-hire equipment currently on sale.