Sound System, PA and Audio Equipment Rental.

As one of the leading sound system rental companies in the west of Ireland, Alex Fernie Audio Ltd. is committed to providing world leading, industry-standard brands to the entertainment and event industry. All our hire systems are individually tailored to the particular requirements of every event and where required items are not in stock, we can source most items given enough notice.

Our client list includes touring acts, promoters and production managers throughout the Irish entertainment and music industry, theatre and dance companies in the performing arts, event managers in the corporate, PR and conference industry. We also provide equipment to broadcast, film and television production companies as well as sound reinforcement for public and civic events

Choose rental packages from:

Speaker Systems: Nexo GEO S12, Nexo RS15 sub, Nexo PS10R2, SSE MB4 (15"/2" biamped stage monitor), QSC K-series (active portable PA)

Mixing Consoles: Avid (formerly Digidesign) Venue SC48 (2), Yamaha LS9-16. Other consoles available upon request.

Wireless microphones: Sennheiser UHF G3. 24+ channels available upon request. Available with discreet headset mics, lavalier mic or handheld mic.

Microphones: Full stock of standard dynamic and condenser mics from Shure, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Neumann and AKG

Conference/Speech microphones: Full stock of microphones tailored for speech applications, for lecterns and table-tops from Audio Technica and AKG.

Other: Temporary Induction (hearing) Loops, 100v horn systems, small discreet speakers for multi-media exhibitions and AV display.

Audio Services:

Front of House Sound Engineer
Monitor Mix Engineer
Sound System Design and Implementation
Festival Audio Production Management & Coordination